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Asesoría Corporativa

▪ Establishing businesses and preparing partnership agreements, bylaws, and LLC operating agreements.

▪ Developing shareholder agreements, voting protocols, and other agreements among business stakeholders.

▪ Offering guidance on financing activities, including equity offerings, debt transactions, and business restructuring.

▪ Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating diverse commercial contracts.

▪ Providing counsel on joint ventures and strategic partnerships to enhance business opportunities.

▪ Drafting and updating franchise disclosure documents.

▪ Overseeing state franchise registration and exemption submissions.

▪ Addressing regulatory inquiries and comment letters promptly.

▪ Facilitating the acquisition and divestiture of entire franchise systems.

▪ Managing the purchase and sale of franchise-owned and corporateoperated units.

▪ Safeguarding trademarks, trade secrets, and intellectual property assets.

▪ Offering comprehensive guidance on U.S. banking regulatory requirements, ensuring adherence to supervisory standards and compliance obligations.

▪ Assisting clients in obtaining licenses and charters necessary for their financial activities, navigating the complex regulatory approval processes.

▪ Advising on mergers, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships within the financial sector, including due diligence, negotiation, and transaction structuring.

▪ Developing tailored risk management strategies to mitigate financial, operational, and regulatory risks, enhancing the resilience of financial institutions.

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